Learn More About Hutchinson Antivibration Purchasing

The absolute best anti-vibration innovation takes commitment.

Grand Rapids, Michigan is home to Hutchinson’s corporate headquarters and technical center. Here ideas are formulated, and concept designs and prototypes are developed, tested, and realized. Education and training for both employees and customers is of the utmost importance. The Technical Center at Grand Rapids offers advanced NVH application studies and access to Hutchinson’s vast global network of industry experts and research and development technologies.

All facilities share a commitment to customer care and attention. In addition, the Customer Service Center, located near Detroit, provides immediate service and support throughout North America.

Engineering support operates on many levels within Hutchinson, providing a local and international platform for networking and developing the best possible solution. All Hutchinson’s Michigan-based manufacturing plants are quality-certified and incorporate lean manufacturing techniques with in-process verification systems. Every day, each plant flows with a synergy of expert people, cutting edge technology, raw materials, and finished product. Increased productivity, consideration for the environment, reduced waste, and an intent focus on building high quality anti-vibration systems is at the heart of every Hutchinson manufacturing plant.


In support of Hutchinson’s mission, our goal is to develop partnerships with suppliers through utilization of innovative solutions and systems that are competitive, exceed customer expectations, and positively contribute to the mutual success of Hutchinson and its suppliers.


  • Hutchinson strives to work with suppliers who deliver the best quality, value, and service at the most competitive cost.
  • We expect our suppliers to be innovative and dedicated to driving continuous improvement in their operations.
  • In partnership, we will concentrate on cost reduction, waste elimination, and efficiency improvement as it applies to the global market.